Door & Window Awnings

Colourful and visually appealing, awnings are so much more than just protection from the elements!

Awnings are primarily designed as a cover feature, to keep the rain, wind or sun out of a particular area or section of premises. Awnings are typically bolted into the wall above the door or window they protect, and therefore become a semi-permanent feature of your property. This means awnings should add visual appeal to the building, and must be long-lasting.

Shades Ahead awning solutions are tailor-made to your premises for the perfect fit, with a wide range of styles, materials and colours to choose from. Design options include fixed awnings that are chined, curved, or wedge-shaped, while retractable awnings allow you to control the amount of cover or light in a patio or outside area. Customers can select from our colourful range of colour-fast, weather-proof acrylic, polyester, Chromadek or polypropylene fabrics for their awning, depending on preference and intended application.

All our products are manufactured to international quality standards and carry a 2 year warranty.

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Wedge Awnings

Simple, triangle-shaped awnings with a sharp leading edge.

Single Chine Awnings

Awnings with a single bend in the shape, extending the downward curve.

Double Chine Awnings

Awnings with two bends in the shape, creating a panelled look.

Curved Awnings

Awnings with a smooth arc to their curve, and squared-off sides.

Bullnose Awnings

Bullnose awnings are made with chromadek material, with a stylish curved end for aesthetic appeal.

Polycarbonate Awnings

Curved panels of clear/coloured polycarbonate plastic - strong, weatherproof and long lasting.

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